Thursday, January 2, 2020

MULTI FUNCTION ADAPTER advanced technology

Hi Guys
Like every day, I have brought a new gadget for you.

Multi-Function Adapter Plug 4USB Global Switch Socket
170 Country Travel Adapter

It is really a useful gadget. its look like just a normal socket.
Nowadays everyone uses mobile phone laptops etc and they need to charge it and this is the best option for you
So when the smartphone or laptop charging gets low you find a way to charge and go to find a socket for but if you didn't get a socket in which your adapter doesn't fix so you can use this item.
This item supports 170 countries switches.
This item he 4 different types of ports and y type of switches.
If you don't have your mobile adapter you can just plug in your data cable in it and charge. Your phone.
It is a lightweight and strong material.

It has Charging stability: overload protection, no short circuit, maintain stable charging.

Perfect conductivity: saves charging time and can effectively convert 90% of energy.
    Compatible with any type of mobile phone, computer, tablet, digital camera and a range of electronic products.

     Shell material: fireproof PC
     Rated voltage: 100-240V AC
     USB total output: 5V DC, 5.6A (MAX)
     Type-c output: 5V, 3.0A
     Certificate: CE, FCC, RoHS
     Built-in safety shutters.
     Integrated fuse.
     Weight: 145g
     Size: 73*54*53mm

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