Thursday, January 2, 2020

Hi Guys
Like every day, I have brought a new gadget for you.


                          Storme Timer Socket is the first of its kind Automatic power cut off socket in India. Perfect for multiple uses. 1. Mobile Phones, Laptops, Bluetooth Speakers & Tablbattery-operated battery-operated devices for charging overnight damage the battery due to overcharging, trickle charging and subsequent overheating of the battery which can reduce the charge carrying capacity of your device by as mah as 30-45% over a year! Use the Storme Timer Socket to plug in your devices and set a timer so that there is no damage to the battery. Recommended times are 2 hours for Phones, Speakers and Tablets; 4 hours for Laptops and 6 hours for Power Banks. 2. Want to save power? Want to prevent devices from running all day? Use the Timer Socket. 3. Stepping out of the house while your favourite match gets recorded or your while your washing machine still runs? Set your Washing Machine / TV on the Storme Timer and forego all your worries about short circuits or fire. 4. The Timer Socket not only protects your devices but also protectsfireproof it is fireproof, built-roof, has a built-in surge protection system which takes on the full brunt of voltage spikes without you having to replace fuses. The Socket is not made of cheap ABS but of high quality, electrical grade Polycarbonate which is twice as durable as ABS and much, much stronger - you get the idea when you hold it in your hands! And above all - it is MADE IN INDIA! 5. Specifications - Use for only 6 Ampere Devices. wallboardeck your wallboard & match with Socket dimensions to see fitment. 6. Pro6-month by Storme's 6-month replacement policy. Please DO NOT use force to plug things into the socket, it may damage the internal circuitry.   

Automatic Timer Cut-Off
A microcontroller-based timer cuts power accurately after the chosen time period elapses. Just set the timer and forget about it. Forget the old mechanical timers or the digital Chinese clones that require a manual to operate. This small little socket is the best in its class!

Inbuilt Surge Protection
Voltage spikes are a part of life in India. But you can stop worrying about them when you plug in your devices in the Storme Timer Socket; it comes with inbuilt EMI & surge protection to protect connected devices.

No more overcharging, no more wastage
No more leaving devices on charge overnight, no sleepless night. Control when you want your device to be off. No need to worry about shutting off devices after a specified number of hours. Plug, set timer, forget.

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