Wednesday, January 1, 2020

100% Waterproof Universal Pouch Cover for All Mobile Phones

Hi Guys
Like every day, I have brought a new gadget for you.

100% Waterproof Universal Pouch Cover:-

Branded Natural floating on the water for a variety of water sports and other outdoor activities Such as fishing, rafting, swimming, diving, water skiing, camping, climbing Enjoy your mobile phone use while on the pool, boat, beach, cruise or in the water Special closing system provides full protection Protects your mobile phone against water, dust, dirt and sand Transparent window can be photographed in the water or enjoy the images, no effect on the computer touch screen Convenient for taking along with the neck strap Simple, elegant and inexpensive.

This pouch has many features like it can get fit into any smartphone.

Clear touch and friendly window on both sides ensures that access to screen touch controls

This pouch is snow proof, dirt proof and also waterproof.

This pouch has secure snap and lock.

This pouch has a neck strap for handsfree.
It is scratch proof.

You can buy from Amazon for nearly 5$

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