Friday, December 27, 2019


Hello, Guys like every day I am here with a new gadget for you.

Today I have brought a new great invention, Yes a Mini Projector.

BIJOU- World's Slimmest Portable Projector
It is a really small size projector, it is a credit card size projector which you can easily put in your pocket.

In this projector, you get Great quality speaker With HD audio and headphone jack.
You can use it as an external speaker or if you want to use the headphone then you can plug in your headphone also and use it personally.

Its laser sync gives you a big-screen can make the screen on any surface. you don't need any kind of installation it's laser gives you the best result for any kind of surface.
It's a high resolution 14 degree upwards gives you easy installation for which you don't need any kind of adjustment. All in one only in one projector.

Easy To Use:-
You can use it by connecting data cable to any smartphone which will help you to see your smartphone screen on any surface you want. you don't need an app of any software you can directly connect and use it on your smartphone.

The price is very low you can get it for like 20$ from the market.


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