Sunday, December 29, 2019


Hi Guys
Like every day, I have brought a new gadget for you.

Today the gadget I will show you it's a really different technology.

When you will see it you will say it's impossible.

So let's introduce you to our new gadget

Electronic tattoo:-
                            This is not a normal tattoo it's a different kind of tattoo.
Let me tell you more about it

You can see in the picture is not a hacking device it's a tattoo.
You can attach it on your body easy it gets attached to your body just like a sticker. its look like a stylish tattoo but it is actually not.

It can be used for GPS.if you want to put an eye on your child or anyone else it works like a GPS for you.
It's battery time is really good if you charge fully 1 time you can use it for at least 1-week easily.

You can also add you payment system in it.
You can control this gadget through an application.

In this tattoo, there is a bp control system and gives a daily report of your blood pressure.
It also measures your heartbeat.
It is an amazing gadget you can buy it from Amazon.

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